Dec 182004

Track No 4 from the “Untitled Album“. No further comment. Parts of it from Craig Pruess‘ Vajra Guru Mantra of the CD “Sacred Chants of Buddha” (©1999, HoE Music Limited). Thanks, Craig, for the kind permission. Obviously with this song my musical creativty was shut down, since I never touched a guitar again. Track Nr.4 [...]

Dec 292003

Track No 3 from the “Untitled Album“. For the woman, who once didn’t want to be “just another girl in my life”. Yep, you’ve made it. Track Nr.3 vom “Untitled Album“. Für die Frau, die “nicht einfach nur ein weiteres Mädchen in meinem Leben” sein wollte. Yup, das hast du geschafft. —————————————————————– Hunger Music and [...]

Sep 192003

Track No 2 from the “Untitled Album“. More a short-story with music than a song. For first listening I recommend: Time of day > 11 P.M., turn out all lights, good headphones and a relaxed and open mind. Track Nr.2 vom “Untitled Album“. Mehr eine Kurzgeschichte mit Musik als ein song. Zum ersten Hören empfehle [...]

Aug 042003

Track No 1 from the “Untitled Album“. Sometimes you have to do things, that you really dont like, cause sometimes you reach the point, when there is no more “we”, but when it’s only about “you or me”. Track Nr.1 vom “Untitled Album“. Manchmal muss man Dinge tun, die einem nicht wirklich gefallen, denn irgendwann [...]