Dec 282005
[en] The magic of winters

Every once in a blue moon its cold enough and has enough snow falling for a white coating worth mentioning up here in the northern parts of Germany. Its the fate of a big city, that newly fallen snow gets dirty and disappears as quickly as it came actually. But right now its just this [...]

Mar 212005
[en] The greatest rockstar of all times, or, About aging

How many times did you meet someone, who tried to convince you to listen to their favorite music, watch their favorite movie, eat their favorite food, drive their favorite car and stuff like that? The younger those people are the more enthusiastic their judgment about that specific idol is. Wild exaggerations and extremely overreaching vocabulary [...]

Mar 182002
[en] Springtime

. You feel the wind in your eyes, on your skin, through your shirt, its fills your leather jacket and… ooohhh …how it smells …like a woman in a field of flowers. You feel every single of those 4500 small explosions per minute right between your legs, in your butt, up your spine till it [...]

Feb 022002
[en] Question about life, universe and everything

And the answer is NOT 42, thank you. If – earth’s orbit around the sun wasn’t so perfectly well circled – earth was a ridiculously small distance closer to the sun – earth was a ridiculously small distance farer away from sun – earth was a ridiculously small amount bigger – earth was a ridiculously [...]