Sep 152004

No mercy
Oh, how I’d love to have a night of deep and sound sleep again. It really spoils your day when you’re getting up with a headache already. But what do you do, when you keep fighting all through the night…and lose?

After all what biologists and behaviorists want to make us believe, Brainbugs still exist. Secretly they are teaching their soldiers, preparing to take over the world. And the fight has yet begun.

Thankfully I’m living in a region that has distinct seasons, which means during winters its too cold for any insects to survive outside (Lord, have mercy for the regions, where thats NOT the case!). And still, just when you hope Winter has been to cold, Spring has been too dry or just a miracle has happened, one night you’re lying in your bed in the dark, eyes closed, thinking about the day, when you suddenly hear it coming.

At first far away, like an echo, not really noticing it consciously, but your subconscious does! Condition Red, alarm bells ringing, adrenaline being poured out into your blood system, forcing you to take deeper breaths and to open your eyes again. You listen into the dark… here it comes…


High frequent flapping of transparent wings connected to a slim body with six legs. A sphered head with a weapon, that makes you go crazy. Say hi to you first mosquito this season!

Okay, turning to lie on my back, covering all parts of the body carefully with the blanket. Everything covered but the arms, which are casually laid on my chest.
‘Come… come, lil bastard, come here, sit down…’
Its so difficult to resist the impulse for hectic waving of arms once I hear it… “Bssssssssssssssssssssss”…even close to the face, I can feel the flow of air on my cheek caused by the wings. No, I wont move… “Bssss”…. abruptly it stops. All senses tensed to tearing…
‘Where are you, bastard, come on, put your bloody prick into my skin so I can feel you…..’
THERE.. on the back of my left hand. Panic on my mind, but still slowly, very slowly my right hand is raising, moving over, avoiding any disturbances of air while moving…and the lil bastard is sucking my blood, I can almost hear it gulping.
‘Enjoy your last drop, baby, this is the end!’
SPLASH! A sudden relief over flooding the body… its over…sigh….

The really disturbing thing about our ‘lil friends is the fact they are learning throughout the year. While you can kill the first wave in Spring and early Summer quite easily, their grand-grand-grand-granddaughters in Autumn seem to develop some more than frightening intelligence. They wont step into those traps anymore… nonono… they just silently sit in the dark and wait. Waiting, till you almost fell asleep again and only THEN they strike. You wake up again by that itching of your skin at the most annoying spots. And those bloody fucking bastards just disappeared without a trace. What do you do then?

Striking back! Counter attack! Go out hunting yourself! So you turn on the light again, sitting upright in bed with a rolled news magazine in your hand. You’re carefully searching the walls and shelfs and books and every spot around you. Nothing. These guys seem invisible. And even more, they don’t move at all. No matter how long you silently sit there, nothing gives you the slightest hint there ever has been any attacker. So after a while you’re giving up, turning off the lights and lying down, only to……. “Bsssssssssssssssssssssss”!!!!
Lights on again, newspaper in hand, sitting, waiting…
And now go back to the beginning of the paragraph and repeat that until dawn. Finally you have to get up with perhaps having had about 2 hours of something, that isn’t worth being called sleep, about 10 itching, red spots all over your body, being afraid of the next night to come, because you didn’t even see your enemy, and a deep, deep hatred for a fellow life form.


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