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How many times did you meet someone, who tried to convince you to listen to their favorite music, watch their favorite movie, eat their favorite food, drive their favorite car and stuff like that? The younger those people are the more enthusiastic their judgment about that specific idol is. Wild exaggerations and extremely overreaching vocabulary is used to emphasize the importance of message they have to tell you. They’re trying to make you feel sort of dumb and blind, living under a shady rock for all of your life, if you don’t share their opinion, which is nothing but taste really. But its not just taste for them, but more like a matter of fact really. There seems no alternative possible in their judgment and everything they show and word about it is so absolute, so final. Just… their own belief is subject to change within minutes…

About agingHow come the older you get the more laid back you become?

I mean, is that actually a positive or negative attribute to ones personality? Frankly, I’m not sure about it. Of course now, today, I’m far from calling anyone or anything “the best ever”, but I’ve been like that myself, when I was young. I guess everybody said something like that at some point in their lives. What is it then that makes our attitudes change? Is it actually the knowledge about the difference of judgment and taste? Is it the realization that fighting about taste is a waste of time?

In short, is it some kind of wisdom of aging that makes us more tolerant?

Or, on the contrary, are we actually losing something when growing old? May be we are losing the ability to get enthusiastic by the time. May be there are no more real highlights from the outside that make us go nuts, turn insane in excitement. So its not actually tolerance that we’re gaining but lacking the once had teen-easiness, may be we’re just getting too serious when getting older.

Still, somehow it seems there is a preacher in all of us and we all feel the strong need to convert the people around us to our beliefs. Whether its about our taste in music or beliefs about political or philosophical topics. May be the kind of topics, that we feel the need to preach, are just changing by time. If so… isn’t is some weird kind of arrogance and jingoism to actually smile about kids, who tell us about their favorite rockstars, if we’re actually doing the same about, lets say, interacting on a web-board?

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