Dec 282005

Every once in a blue moon its cold enough and has enough snow falling for a white coating worth mentioning up here in the northern parts of Germany. Its the fate of a big city, that newly fallen snow gets dirty and disappears as quickly as it came actually.

Magic Of Winters

But right now its just this thin margin, when it simply looks beautiful. You’re sitting inside, where its warm and cozy, got a cup of steaming, hot tea with you and keep looking out of the window. Small flakes dancing up and down in the air. Smoke from chimneys here and there and covering everything is this edgeless and soft blanket of White. Occasionally Mr. Wind picks up a handful of snow dust and hurls it around, forming small baby-twisters only to disappear again just seconds later. In the dusty, gray sky there is the faint glowing ball of the sun, almost invisible and yet looking, as if it was covered by snow as well.

And the most impressive sensation… silence!

It seems like the whole city has fallen to sleep or froze in silent admiration. Even an occasional car driving by making not half the noise it usually does, like its trying to just whisper to not wake up anyone from their dreams about a peaceful nature. How I wish we had more days like this.

But way too soon this illusion will be gone and reality with all its clamor and hecticness will take over again. The more yellow and gray and black the snow will get, the closer the city is back to being alive again. And you’ll only remember then those moments of silent reflection as a second of taking a deep breath, when in the twinkling of an eye the world seemed to stop rotating.

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