Mar 172005
[en] How to waste your life away

7:30 AM: The alarm clock is ringing. Welcome to another promising day in your life. Get up, man, the world is waiting for your input and brilliant ideas! 8:01 AM: After having the first cigarette, checking mail and visiting the usual suspects on the net I end up in the bathroom. Brushing teeth in the [...]

Oct 122004
[en] Language as an instrument

We’re living in an era of daily growing globalization. Economy is not working anymore, if just viewed as a national issue, companies are growing to global structures, while the smaller ones are dying. Wall street coughing creates earthquakes on stock markets around the world. There’s no more place in the world that cannot be reached [...]

Aug 242004
[en] Behind enemy lines

Here’s a little tale of an old man, who never learned to appreciate the necessity of fashionable clothing… or should I say…who developed a serious neurosis for shopping malls? 7:50: I’m coming out of the bathroom after having a shower wearing nothing but my slick, fiery red bathrobe. Walking into my cabinet (yes, you CAN [...]

Mar 122004
[en] Indian selections

. As it seems obvious there are some major differences between the Indian and the Western culture. One of the most significant and amazing ones is the difference in education and studying. While in western countries the main target is to give as many people an as broad education as possible and then trust in [...]

Mar 182002
[en] Springtime

. You feel the wind in your eyes, on your skin, through your shirt, its fills your leather jacket and… ooohhh …how it smells …like a woman in a field of flowers. You feel every single of those 4500 small explosions per minute right between your legs, in your butt, up your spine till it [...]